Svavar the Great

Tonight I had a ball at the Troubadour with Ms Clare and meeting new and exciting people. Lots of photos and tales to come but till then here is just one of Mr Svavar Knutur. The best night out at a concert in a long time.

Svavar Knutur

3 comments on “Svavar the Great

  1. hey i thought this gig was so awesome that i even added Svavar Knutur (I have been walking around practicing his name… lol) & Owls of the Swamp to my Myspace.

    True Conversion. lol.

    I want to be Icelandic now… If it didn’t involve so much fish & gold coins with dead ppl. You know to what I refer.

  2. Glad to hear you girls liked Svavar Knutur 🙂

    Regards from Iceland, Herdis Pala.

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