The one thing I undoubtedly miss the most from High School (other than near daily doughnut persons and caramel slices, for which my figure shows the absence of such goodies) is music.

I miss so much my beloved Olga, my farting bedpost, more commonly identified as a Bassoon. I miss afternoons and mornings of rehearsals. I miss Jabsy chiding me for not practicing. I miss the enjoyment that I got through Music.

Olga was a Fox Renard 41, When I have the money (sometime after finishing uni but before kids) I will be buying a Bassoon, it may not be a 601 that could be considered the Rolls Royce of the Fox line-up. It probably will be a 222, though if any one has a spare US$16K, feel free to buy me a 601 🙂 I will start taking lessons and putting the dedication into it that I didn’t when in High School.

When I was with Karl in San Jose after I finished year 12, I made a trip up to Berkely to visit Forrests, I may not have bought anything and saw the sales assistants as utter snobs, but I was awed by the fact that whilst in that store I was surronded by other double reeders.

Whilst I do have a flute, for which I played before changing to the Bassoon, she just didn’t bring me the satisfaction that Olga brought me. Also I never was a decent flute player ;).

Not just Olga I miss but the busyness of getting ready for a concert, the singing in choirs. I miss making music.

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  1. I can understand what you’re playing! I still play the piano and I don’t miss playing the flute. But I miss choir and being in theater! Spending 4 months preparing for dinner theater was the highlight of my Senior Year! Being part of a production like that is just thrilling, isn’t it?

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