Creating Catch-Up

I have been making a lot of little things recently but have put off posting about them as I have not taken photos, well now I have.

Made Cranberry Muffins again last night, but this time I used whole meal flour and raw sugar instead of the plain and white it calls for, didn’t end up adding rolled oats though – next time πŸ™‚

nappy bagOver a week ago I made Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag, the fabric I used is Floral Song #2055 from Print Concepts. For the interfacing of the bag and one set of the pockets, I used iron-on wadding to give my camera extra protection when it is in the bag. I didn’t add the mobile phone or bottle pockets either.

When I make this bag again, which I will because I do like the style, the strap is going to be cut thinner as it is really wide on the pattern (10cmish) and longer as it doesn’t sit in the right place on my body. Also going to make the whole bag narrower and round the corners. Just a few changes πŸ™‚

In the way of scrapbooking have done nothing for me in quite a while now, but did manage some layouts and cards for an upcoming thing. Speaking of that, my next challenge is up on the Scrapbook Creations website – the prize this month is great, go on and enter!

After seeing the Ramona Peep Dolls by Roxy at Etsy, I showed them to Mum and said I have to learn how to Crochet as I want to get the pattern and make one, yeah well I can make a standard chain all right and can do a couple of rows, but yeah going to take a while before I can attempt Ms Ramona πŸ™‚

shrinky pinsAfter seeing Hillary’s Shrinky pins on Wee Wonderfuls moons ago, I picked up a pack of Shrinky Dink Plastic whilst at a new scrap shop the other month. To make the shapes I used a spirograph (idea from Jodi) and the Owl Stamp from a ColorBox Stylus Moulding Mat, though most of the owls look more like cats to me.

But that is not all, I have started painting glass again in preparation for Christmas, all the ornaments I am working on at the moment are only partially completed so no photos yet.

The big thing is that I have discovered the wonderful joy of Needle or Dry Felting. It Rocks! I visited Gerry’s yesterday where I picked up some needles and two bags of wool tops in Grape Jelly and Bean Sprout, such yummy colours. On the Bus home, I made a die, which is about 1.25″ on the sides, it isn’t perfect but it gave me the hang of how to do it. I have made some more little things as well, one of which is a flower that I made based on a tutorial by Maitreya of Craftlog, I need to add a middle yet. After making and playing, I have ordered some more needles and a pack of primary bright wool from ebay. So many ideas, so much time πŸ™‚

felt diefelt flower

Eye-candy of the day – Rosy Little Things

The Beat


Yesterday I joined the masses and visited DFO, where I picked up two gorgesous things. The first a top for $69, marked down from $199 as well as a new quilt cover set. I have this thing for bed linen πŸ™‚

After dropping Matthew over a freind’s house for pre-going out drinks, I headed home to get ready for my night out. So all dolled up in my new top, heels and black pants I headed off to meet up with my friends. My best guy friend is gay with a capital G, some of his friends say he is too gay and well when you go out with him, you are always going to spend your time at The Beat, so after meeting up with some other friends we headed off to The Beat to dance and laugh the night away. Spending our time going between the Cockatoo Club to dance and the Crystal Lounge to sit and chat. Close to midnight Sam and I made the trek back into the city to get the last buses home because taxi fairs are just way too pricey.

Speaking of Sam, in a couple of minutes she will arrive and we are heading off to see a dream come true – are playing tonight at The Entertainment Center, also featuring and

This post was brought to by the letter E for Emily Kate, who thinks I am cool enough to be her blog of the day and in her honour I have added ohh 180 new header images from the Iceland trip. Which header will display when you visit me?

new finds

I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday morning in an attempt to fix the problems they had made the week before in tightening my plate. Well they managed to adjust it so that it doesn’t hurt to wear it but it does not sit at all properly in my mouth. Going back again this Friday in an attempt to fix the error again as they don’t want to have to make a new plate as they only made the last one six months ago.

My orthodontist treatment is the story of my life and will come some time in another post but in short, I have been going to the UQ Dental School since late 1995, yep almost half my life. I once saw a sticker advertising the UQ Vet Clinic, saying “My dog goes to Uni” well in my case I need a sticker that says “My teeth go to Uni”. I have seen the professors and students come and go. I have told students info that they didn’t yet know much to the satisfaction of the professors. Treatment may be slow but hey costs are nil πŸ™‚

So back to the story, my appointment was at 9am and I had an exam (reading comprehension) at uni at noon. Since I was in the city with time to kill and the shops were open. I headed down to Queens Plaza, where I wanted to check out the belts at Fossil, as many, many months ago Tracy Kyle on her defunct blog had linked to these uber cool belts. Well they didn’t have the belts I was looking for and looking at the Fossil website seems like they were discontinued, however I did find this uber cool belt and then I also found this gorgeous new purse.

Floral CollageFlower coin purse

How cool are they πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and now I no longer have to steal Matthew’s belts when I need one πŸ™‚

Popped my head into Ewan Gardams and came out with some gorgeous 2.5″ wide lace, wandered past a shop window and found what Matthew, Pabbi and I are going to give Mum for Christmas (I’d tell you but Mum reads this so can’t do).

Went to Uni, had the exam, came back into the city, just missed my bus so stopped into Borders who for the first time I have ever seen were having a 3 for 2 magazine sale! Yehaw! But oh the trouble of finding 3 magazines, I rarely buy or look at scrapbooking magazines so none of them really pulled my interest.

I looked for Real Simple but they were sold out, then I browsed the craft section and found my Holy Grail. A magazine aimed at my generation for both Guys and Chicks, in a style I had not seen before sort of Wired crossed with a DIY mag. It is Ready Made and with a by-line “instructions for everyday life”, how could one go wrong? This mag rocks!

Then finding two other magazine, silly Borders does not carry any British Photo magazines and frankly I have not found a US magazine that compares to the British Mags. So no photo magazines. Looked at the cooking mags and none really grabbed me then in the Women’s Interest section stumbled on a magazine called Budget Living again Real Simple in style but no where near as crafty as Ready Made. Score two great new magazine finds.

Then I browsed aimlessly over the shelves trying to find the third of “free” magazine. Easy Living was my eventual find. Sort of a more classic “women’s magazine” but it does have some gorgeous photos πŸ™‚

Well I am off to bed for an early start in the morning as Mum and I are heading out to Lamington to do the Dave’s Creek Circuit with her bushwalking buddies, I’m just going along for the promise of new things to photograph πŸ™‚

giggling gertie

That is what I am at the moment.
You see I was meant to start work at 5am this morning like I do every monday to put up the new price tickets in the dairy section so all shoppers are happy, knowing they have the right price for their milk and frozen veg. All well and good I double checked my alarm making sure it said 4:25am and it was on buzzer because the radio never wakes me up.

However, did I check to see if the time was right? nope my clock was twelve hours ahead! Yesterday in my cleaning, I had knocked the alarm cord out replugged in pretty close to midday so it was only “5 mins” out when I fixed the time last night, I had said to myself when I sat down to do it, have to change it from am to pm. Did I though? Nope.

So when Mum woke me up at 10 to 7 and I rang work, I sure gave them all a fit of giggles over my tale of my alarm clock and I crashed back to bed giggling my head off πŸ™‚

So to give you the giggling gerties here are some things to share.

– This ad, whilst been one for an Australian beer is not just for the beer drinkers, this is for everyone, an utter crack-up of an ad, some of you have seen it, some have not. I still watch it every couple of days.

Rare Exports Inc by – Another ad for adult beverages, this one however was designed for the launch of a new pre-mixed drink in Finland was shown before movies in the cinema. . Note it is a large (66mb) download but so, so worth it.

Something for those with lower back tats – – Another total crack up.

– The plates and mixing spoons were in out saturday paper, which Mum and I fell in adoration for and then on the website they have pj’s! So want some of them