A very happy find

Yay!!! Lotte Mugs

At long, long last I now have two of these mugs.

I saw this post on The Old Boathouse last night and said to myself I’m stopping in at WAC on my way to pick up something at Mt Gravatt in the morning. I was at WAC shortly after opening time… I didn’t even look at the pictures properly otherwise I would have known about the mugs before I got to WAC and had to just about pick myself up off the floor when I saw them. I’m very happy. In the online Lotte world, these mugs are pretty darn rare and when they do pop up on the various auction sites they go for a pretty penny. My Lotte collection is just about an entire table setting now as I picked up some tea cups on ebay the other week. I eat off Lotte every day and I smile at every meal time as I look at the designs.

The table at WAC
Lotte at WAC

I was so very tempted by the squat milk jugs but I had to say no this time. Perhaps if they are there next time I visit I will pick one up but I think all that Lotte goodness will be well and truly gone by next WAC visit. I had forgotten how many nice houses there are in the Holland Park/Mt Gravatt area, will have some photos coming soon.


I’m about to head off to spend the day at Uni working on a group assignment. I’m hoping though that I’ll be able to meander through the old botanic gardens this afternoon as the spring flowers in there at the moment are divine.

On spring flowers, here are mine. I planted primulas in the front bed and oh it is so lovely to have flowers in the garden again. As a kid we used pick the flowers and spin the stalks round and round between our palms pretending they were Catherine wheels.

I didn’t plant the clover but looks almost as pretty.

When I mowed the lawn, I couldn’t stand the thought of mowing down all those pretty clover flowers so I left a square of flowering clover in the front lawn 🙂
Clover Square

Now for a collection of links and the likes.

Ten People Who Observe Birthdays on 9/11 – Whilst American based, I can certainly attest to quite a number of statements made.

I can’t stop listening to this cover of Back in Black by Will Shine
Will Shine – Back in Black (AC/DC cover) by the3penguins

The Iceland AFL team recently hosted Norway in the first ever international game in the country, my brother was of course there to capture all the action. I particularry liked how they rigged the goal posts up.

Shiney Flaggy Purse also available with more Union Jack and less stars.

Now I’m off to spend the day with my head buried in the AASBs.

Japan charm kawaiiness

charm kawaii'ness

This selection of charms, key chain straps or whatever else you want to call them are some of my favourite things I brought back from Japan. There is an elephant, a hamburger mirror, Hello Kitty doughnut, Mr Green Tea Ice Cream man, edamame, Miffy with Sakura, Madeline, a little tea set etc etc and more. Probably once a week or so, I change round what I’ve got on my hand bag, mobile and uni bag. I get to take some little pieces of Japan with me where ever I go. sigh 🙂

a lot of Lotte

the most beautiful lot of Lotte. I saw a listing on ebay the a couple of days ago for a 30 pieces of Lotte – pick up only from Mermaid Beach. I patiently watched and watched and watched – only one person had bid on it and then right near the end I placed my bid, I outbid them and it was mine for just a touch over $100, I was prepared to pay almost double that. I’ve tracked the prices of what Lotte pieces sell for about 18mths-2yrs now, I know what prices the pieces go for, which pieces don’t appear that often etc etc. This set was a total bargain and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. I will now be eating off Lotte for breakfast, lunch and tea 😀 Le Sigh, so happy.

I had a lovely drive the coast, picked up the Lotte and then went to visit Georgie (my Japan travel buddy) and her partner who live down the coast. Such a lovely morning indeed.

Below is the lot of Lotte – you can click all the pictures to see bigger versions – ie so you can look at those designs and go “sigh”.

Lotte Dinner Plates
5 Dinner Plates – 2 Male and 3 Female

Lotte Salad/Entrée Plates
8 Salad/Entrée Plates

Lotte Bread and Butter Plate
6 Bread and Butter Plates

Lotte Soup Bowl
5 Soup Bowls

Lotte Cereal Bowl
3 Cereal Bowls

and 3 Saucers, I didn’t take a picture of those they only have the same border as the others and no design in the middle.

50 hours post op

Well the surgery went a lot better than I thought in fact the surgery itself only probably took about 15-20 minutes. After all, it was just a matter of cutting a section of the gum, drilling a hole in my jaw, screwing a screw in and stitching the gum back up.

The pain was less than I expected but still pain. Talking wasn’t something I really enjoyed, in fact moving my jaw in general has not been the most enjoyable feeling. I had Thursday and Friday off work and spent most of the time in bed. Today though I’m feeling better than yesterday but still sore.

I could totally post a picture but I think most people are fine not seeing a picture of a swollen/bruised gum with stitches in. Correct? I thought so.

Moving onto other topics.

If you are in SEQ today, ignoring the wind isn’t it the most glorious day? Clear blue skies, the sun is shining, the washing is dry etc etc

Remember the M-Cups from a few years ago? They were the basis of many presents that I gave. Well those people at Fred have now introduced M-Spoons. Oh yeah, I want a set of M-Spoons.

another Sunday of pale grey clouds

This photo is from Friday night, I did a touch of ironing and just as I was about to turn off the light, I looked at the light and went I think need to take a photo of this.

It is yet another dreary Sunday, the sun is hiding behind the pale grey clouds which deliver a sprinkle of rain every so often. And there is no better way to make those clouds a little brighter than with a few things that I’ve been liking these past few days.

Crown Street Public School has released a cook book called Crown Street Cooks which from the preview is 100% Surry Hills. Gosh I’ve not spent much time in Surry Hills at all, but those few days there last year are still firm in my heart. And what better way to remember Crown Street than a song about Crown Street.

Crown Street by Women in Docs
[audio:Women in Docs – Crown Street.mp3]

I’m loving this Orchid lamp shade by Alex Earl

Rolling Stone has published 20 inside photos from Mad Men in black and white of course and whoa they are amazing photos. Sadly there is only two episodes left of season 4 🙁

and that is three very lovely things.