a lot of Lotte

the most beautiful lot of Lotte. I saw a listing on ebay the a couple of days ago for a 30 pieces of Lotte – pick up only from Mermaid Beach. I patiently watched and watched and watched – only one person had bid on it and then right near the end I placed my bid, I outbid them and it was mine for just a touch over $100, I was prepared to pay almost double that. I’ve tracked the prices of what Lotte pieces sell for about 18mths-2yrs now, I know what prices the pieces go for, which pieces don’t appear that often etc etc. This set was a total bargain and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. I will now be eating off Lotte for breakfast, lunch and tea 😀 Le Sigh, so happy.

I had a lovely drive the coast, picked up the Lotte and then went to visit Georgie (my Japan travel buddy) and her partner who live down the coast. Such a lovely morning indeed.

Below is the lot of Lotte – you can click all the pictures to see bigger versions – ie so you can look at those designs and go “sigh”.

Lotte Dinner Plates
5 Dinner Plates – 2 Male and 3 Female

Lotte Salad/Entrée Plates
8 Salad/Entrée Plates

Lotte Bread and Butter Plate
6 Bread and Butter Plates

Lotte Soup Bowl
5 Soup Bowls

Lotte Cereal Bowl
3 Cereal Bowls

and 3 Saucers, I didn’t take a picture of those they only have the same border as the others and no design in the middle.

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  1. That’s excellent! They’ve gone to the right home. What a brilliant price. I love hearing when worthy items go to people who appreciate them. Good one, Helen!! (Makes doing a cost accounting assignment all worth it!)

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