More Layouts from Tasmania

Well Uni starts back on Monday and I am doing five subjects this semester instead of the usual four to gain an extra major so I won’t be creating as much. I am thinking at the moment to designate each interest a week so in that week any free time I have, I will spend doing X. That is the plan… but here are some layouts I did the other day from our trip to Tasmania. Click on the photos to be taken to a larger image and their notes. 🙂
Yacht Race Richmond Bridestowe Lavender


Mum and I are now home, four days earlier than expected and minus Grandad who flew home from Melbourne on the 10th.

Short Story is:
Grandad knocked a piece of skin off his leg, which resulted in us trekking our way through, under and round Melbourne, visiting a mainly Russian medical centre in South St Kilda, two hospitals in Heidelberg, Tullamarine airport, Spotlight in Box Hill and the house of a dear friend in Glen Waverly who wasn’t home.

It was decided that the best thing for Grandad was that he go home to his own doctor who knows exactly how well and how long Granddad’s skin takes to heal, so he flew home something like 8hrs after we had driven off the ferry from Tasmania that morning. As life goes my aunt who lives across the turf from Grandad also has some family health issues of her own which meant that she may not be able to look after him if he did indeed need a skin graft. With all this under wings, Mum and I embarked on the trip home spending the first night just out of Melbourne in Seymour before driving 1045km yesterday to spend last night in Narrabri and then driving the final 592km home today, arriving home in the early afternoon. We found out halfway through our 1045km jaunt that Granddad’s doctor had said that the wound was fine but would take a couple of weeks to heal, so if we wanted to we could take our time to get home, however we were already way past the Sydney turn-off on the Newell Highway and it would be nice to have some extra time at home before Mum goes back to school next week.

So here we are, at home, sleeping in our own beds again, unpacking our luggage and our treasures, which I will post about in the morning when I get a good photo of my trove 🙂 and preparing to wade through the photos…..

And the for the grand total, 6127km driven in our car between 25/12/2005 at 7:48am and 12/1/2006 at 1:30pm.

really just hello

Mum and I have just spent the last 3 days taking in the some of the not-so classic iconic sights of North-East Tasmania as well as coming home via the Great Lake and Derwent Valley.

Biggest thing to note is that we came across 2 Echidnas in the space of probably 1.5hrs today!!!!! 2 in ONE day!!!

I think I have seen 3 in the wild before in my short 20 year life and Mum has not seen that many more – we are relatively speaking quite lucky in our sightings.

Loving the fields and fields of Opium Poppies with all the signs and fencing as well as the processing plant that looks like a prison.

Having a picnic lunch in the car-park at Lake St Clair whilst batting the giant Mozzie’s away who whilst large were quite slow fliers.

Walking along the northern end of the Bay of Fires Beach on the NE Coast on sand so white it looked like bleached sheets.

Staying the night in the coastal holiday town of St Helens …. and of course taking photos of myself with St Helens sign 🙂

Walking and taking in the sights of the largest Lavender farm in the southern hemisphere at Bridstowe Estate and sampling some Lavender Coconut Ice, Lavender Cheese and Lavender Fudge.

Visiting a Seahorse Farm at Beauty Point – really quite cool to see how they farm them for the aquarium and Chinese Medicine trade.

Heaps of other things and many more from before we went on our jaunt.

Photos will of course have to wait till I get home to have computer time and power to process the RAWs.

Good Evening Tasmania!

Mum and I arrived in Hobart late on the evening of the 27th, from leaving Brisbane at 8am on Christmas Day till today we have encountered/done/etc

    2111km of driving
    a 10.5hr boat trip
    a night in Dubbo
    a night in Sunbury on the outskirts of Melbourne
    a visit to the radio telescope at Parkes, which you may know from the great Australian movie, The Dish
    countless miles of farm land
    a dominance of Coles Petrol stations in rural NSW when we had Woolies dockets
    The greeness of the rice paddies
    near empty roads heading south on the 25th and 26th
    lots and lots of Victorians (Mexicans) heading north on the same two days.
    Wathing the super-maxi Wild Oats XI cross the line and break the record in the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race
    Holding the said Cup and having my photo taken with one of the crew members.
    Swaying in the wind and rain on the Tahune Air Walk
    Enjoying a Tasmanian BBQ with my cousins and their friends etc
    Taking in the historical/touristy ambience of Richmond

I think that covers most of the things that have happened in the last couple of days.