The eve of 33

I’m sitting here on the eve of my 33rd birthday waiting for orange syrup to reduce down before I crawl up in bed to read another chapter of Optimism by Bob Brown. A book that so far at the start of chapter 34 has had me laughing, crying, smiling, sobbing and pondering.

I have pondered many times over the past years, the updates required to this little blog on my little corner of the interwebs. When you no longer update the blog regularly (hello Instagram) should you do big catch up posts on the miscellany that is my life or should I just post random snippets of this life? It then of course all becomes too hard and the number of unpublished drafts increases in numbers and the pages in my various notebooks that contain my thoughts increase.

This evening though, as I look  into tomorrow that brings 33, I have an urge to write, to press that post button and not to overly stress about the editing of said post.

I thought it might be interesting to look back on this post from 10 years ago – Birthday Eve, oh how life has changed, but also how life has not.

I look at the content of that post and I realise.

  • I still love wondering round the galleries, quite possibly more now than I did then as I recognise the ability of the gallery to calm my mind.
  • I still love a good gallery gift shop.
  • I miss the days of flex time.
  • I still love Lush, maybe not as much as I did back then but Rose Jam will always have my heart.
  • It is comforting to see that 10 years later, Keen has not changed the overall page hierarchy of their website and a link from 10 years ago, takes you exactly where it was intended 10 years ago!
  • Blue Cat Chocolates has closed now but I still love a good craft chocolate shop.
  • The Northside Flower Market is still my local flower shop (though, it has been the family flower shop for gosh at least since the early 2000s.
  • I’m pretty certain I gave that tablecloth in the pictures to the opshop say 5 years ago. Looking at those photos now, I wish I still had it. Maybe I do have it though and it is just shoved in the back of a cupboard somewhere… or maybe I gave it to Mum. Who knows but time will tell.
  • Pabbi, as any former regular reader of this blog will know, died back in 2010 so no more skonsur cooking by him. I am now hankering for skonsur writing this….
  • Mum still gives me hankies every so often as a present.
  • I’m thinking I need to re-watch The Hollowmen as I am struggling to remember the show!

Tomorrow, actually scratch that. Some stage this week I hope to write a new birthday goals list, like those posts I’ve done before, a list of 33 things that I plan on doing/seeing/achieving/sorting out before I turn 34. Let’s see how I go at making two posts in one week!!

Also check that out, no photos!

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