Because tonight is the one night of the year pancakes are a totally acceptable dinner. Mmm pancakes! or pönnukökur to be more correct, since the only type of pancakes this house knows is Icelandic pancakes (well and also the Ayrshire pancakes that my maternal grandmother used to make).

There is only three types of toppings pancakes in our family can have and that is red jam (any berry or rhubarb jam) with cream, golden syrup with cream or brown sugar, lemon juice and cream. Yep cream is just as important as pancakes when it comes to pancakes!

This picture though, tells a lot more than just that I had pancakes for dinner but it about the Icelandic pancake pans that Karl brought over with him for my Christmas present in 2008, Grandmum’s narrow metal flip, the paper towel holder that Grandad made and of course a Lotte plate…

Here is hoping that you too enjoyed pancakes at some stage tomorrow and I’m looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow 🙂

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  1. pönnukökur yum!!
    Hello Helen, remember me? Used to be at Barefeetaparkle now, I am Sandkissed but, no current website 🙂
    I’ve fallen off the face of the earth for quite some time and am now starting to scramble back.
    I’m getting married in September and have decided to honeymoon in Iceland!! Woohoo! SO excited! And it made me think of you today. Can’t wait to show my sweetie all of your gorgeous pictures.
    And take pics of our own! =)
    Happy week to you and I wish we were feasting on pönnukökur tonight too. Mmmmmm
    Xoxo, niki

  2. niki!
    How could I forget about you? I was actually thinking of you last night as well, I was going through some old emails and came across one from you.

    Massive congrats!

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