The day after the Twelfth Day or Epiphany or Three Kings Day

or whatever you wish to call January 6. Le Sigh. Yesterday was all of those so the house was de-Christmased. The living room looks quite bare now.

This little chap has been packed away for another Christmas. Yep we run an Icelandic Christmas straight out of the late 70s here.  Love his little elfish face.

As have these trees (the one on the left was made by Grandmum and the one on the right was made by me with  assistance from Grandmum, it’s made of polystyrene meat trays!) The photo of Grandad stays of course, as does the duck (also made by  my Grandmum.

This tree is packed up as well, oh well only something like 350 days till it can be put up again …

The reverse Advent calendar was packed up as well. I picked it up from a Danish seller on the most glorious marketplace of all. Each day, an ornament was added, Some days though “Santa/Christmas Angel/Christmas someone” would beat me to it and there would be angel hanging on the calendar (see days 15 and 21).

The Royal Doulton Countess has been packed away, waiting for another special meal (If you ever come across Royal Doulton Countess in the green pattern, let me know quick smart, I’m always on the look out for more pieces).

We had a new candle set this year, I picked up the Advent candle holder from a Swede on the above mentioned glorious marketplace. I filled it with spruce twigs, added some walnuts that I painted gold, drop in four candles and hey presto!

Yes, those are peas in a sweets dish. They may look pretty but are a pain to serve from … peas like to escape…

The other way to know that Christmas is over is by this. Yep, holly wreath not so green any more.

The lights are no longer up either, the house looks decidingly less bright.

And that is Christmas 2011/2012. I hope it was well to you all.

2 Replies to “The day after the Twelfth Day or Epiphany or Three Kings Day”

  1. You know your Christmas table looks so Scandinavian and gorgeous, it’s not funny. It’s brought tears to my eyes, its so beautiful.

    Your 70s Icelandic Christmas is absolutely perfect, and I’m so in awe that someone in Brisbane can have one! Cool on so many levels.

    Your house looks beautiful too!

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