Study, Shopping and life

I’m settling into life here in Spring Hill – I’m tucked away in a nice street up near the windmill on Wickham Tce which means I’m enjoying walking/running up and down Jacob’s Ladder when ever I go anywhere in the city which isn’t work. That plus living in a terrace house is making a difference to my legs for sure!

At the moment though, I’m pretty much “head in textbooks” or “fingers on calculator”, I’ve got a exam tomorrow and I want to get the best mark I can possibly get.

My study set up doesn’t so much look like this any more (I do miss my balcony and all that light) but is a corner of my room. Will have to take some photos of my room shortly.
Doing a lot of this

Still study is study and it must be done.

Study of course makes you hungry. I won’t however be eating the below pictured. I may be a big supporter of adding a spoonful of Milo to corn flakes/any breakfast cereal but pre-packaged porridge sachets with the Milo already in it? sigh.
Because it is that hard to put a spoonful of Milo on your porridge?

Went to do some grocery shopping with one of my flatmates and snapped this picture on the walk back up Edward St.

Walking home

Now it’s time to finish off some practice questions and get ready for bed.

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