Continuing on with posts on Christmas Baking

I sat on the deck earlier this evening as I expected it to start bucketing and re-drafted my Christmas countdown plan. From tomorrow morning till when I fly out to Kiwi Land on Thursday everything that I need to do is written down; what I have left to buy, when I need to do, which days I’m delivering gifts to people etc. It’s all there.

It’s this time of year that I am thankful for having an oodle of Tupperware cake/biscuit/slice containers. Tomorrow afternoon is going to see the return of Operation Icing for this year. Which will see all available flat surfaces in this house covered with iced biscuits. 😀 so much sugar but oh so good.

I’m doing things slightly different from last year instead of doing the 25 cake boxes of I’m going to make little packages similar to what I did for “Super Hornet Day” for most people and continue to provide some morning tea each day and a few very close people will get a box like last year. I’m very proud of what I did last year but it was a mission and a half and I want my sleep this year.

Less of this.
Packed and ready to go, 156/365

More like this.
Super Hornet Biscuits, 251/365

This is the morning tea “basket” that I took to work on Wednesday.
treats for morning tea

I found the Pyrex dish at one of my favourite op shops a couple of weeks ago and with that festive gold trim, I knew it would get a work out over Christmas. I put an old glass jelly mould in the middle of the dish and filled that with white chocolate drizzled Lebkuchen men and filled the dish with Rum Balls and Sunshine Balls.

Everything of course went down a treat and the last two days I’ve taken Vanilla Rings and Loftkökur which have equally gone down a treat. One of the ladies I work with reckons my Lebkuchen men are the best “gingerbread men” she’s ever had, that was really nice to hear.

mmmm Loftkökur

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