December 2

Advent Calender

This is the advent garland/calendar that I made last night. I picked up these little pegs from Tiger (I liked Tiger, I wish we had Tiger here) when I was in Iceland, threaded a length of ribbon through the spring on the pegs, hung it beneath my shelves with the trusty 3M decorating clips and there it is. I’m using the little santa card to mark the day. This morning when I woke up, I moved the card to peg 2. It felt so good. I have a chocolate advent calendar at work. πŸ™‚

I put up my little tree last night and was most distraught to realise that I left my box of miniature tree ornaments at Mum’s. I’ll be picking that box up pronto. I do have some suitable ornaments to place on each day till I pick that box up so not all is lost. I haven’t put the ornament for today on yet. Still a little while to pick the one that suits today.

The lights on my tree.
Oh Christmas Tree

I was having a little browse through the Tiger catalogue and I came across this hat … yep, this hat has so much more class and style than your run of the mill Santa hat.

4 Replies to “December 2”

  1. Helen,

    I’m subscribing through Google Reader so I can keep up with you … cute advent calendar. That’s the one thing I didn’t get around to this year. I’m not mentioning it, and hopefully no child will notice.

    What sort of shop is Tiger? It looks like it has a bit of everything.

  2. Thanks MMM-C.
    I would describe Tiger as a cross between Ikea and a 2 dollar shop – it’s a stylish 2 dollar shop compared to the ones we have here which really do just sell junk.

  3. I love the advent garland you made – looks great! I’ve always wanted to know where you get little pegs like that from? p.s thanks for stopping by my blog!

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