afternoon light

The afternoon light recently has been glorious and the last few trips to the farm, I’ve had a great time capturing the light round the place.

This Kookaburra was part of a family of three which were quite happy for me to photograph them.

looking for 4 leaved luck
looking for 4 leaved luck
I had a great time trying to find the perfect clover flower, the above are a few that were close.

Orange time
Grandad’s orange trees are full of oranges in various stage of development.

The nasturtiums really show the beauty that the 135mm catches.

Orange trumpets
Little trumpets of orange.

take a seat
Take a seat on one of the smoko benches and watch the sun setting over the strawberry fields across the road.

Strawberry Season
Strawberries, sweet, sweet strawberries.

The past few weeks I’ve been eating a lot of stawberries… I’ve certainly been getting my daily dose of flavonoids … on my breakfast, with my lunch …

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