12 days ago

This post has been coming for 12 days. 12 long days. For the last 12 days I have thought about what I was going to type. Each day was variations of the same theme. Change, loss and the future.

13 days ago, I was looking forward to the weekend. I had all sorts of things planned, none of which I can remember now.


12 days ago, my father died. My father, Paul Palsson, dead. He died from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. In the morning when Mum and Matthew left he was alive. By the time Matthew had arrived home from work later that morning, he was not at home. The neighbours saw Pabbi walk into the ambulance. The hospital called, “your father is in a bad way, please come up”. When he got up there Pabbi was gone. After sorting out things at the hospital, Matthew called me. I didn’t believe him. Then I listened to what he was saying. Pabbi was dead.

12 days ago, I drove over to the house in total hysterics. At some stage, I bit my hand in an effort to calm down.

12 days ago, Mum was out bush walking. The bad weather meant they came home early. When I heard Mum open the door, I rushed at her and cried.

12 days ago, I stood beside my mother in a dimly lit room at the hospital, and “viewed” my father. He had no false teeth in, his wedding band was not on his right ring finger. His eyebrows were bushy. His hair was that weird silvery red blonde colour. He was cold but he was my father and he was on a trolley in front of me.

12 days ago, I was in shock. My father was 66 years old when he died. I am 24. There was so much more I had imagined I would share with him.

12 days ago, I sat at the kitchen table with Mum and Matthew and started typing. Typing the words which would form the frame of the eulogy I would give.

11 days ago, I sat across the kitchen table from my Mother and met a funeral director. A man, who was straight down the line and listened to our thoughts and requests. We cleaned. We went to the farm.

10 days ago, I went to work. My mind was in a hundred and one different places at once. I left work and realised that I wouldn’t be going back to work this week. I got home, packed a few bags and went home to the family.

9 days ago, I didn’t go to work. I visited the travel agent with Mum and booked flights. Pabbi and Mum were going to Iceland on June 12. Now Mum and I are going to Iceland on June 15. Margaret and Reg arrived from Tasmania.

8 days ago, Karl and Erica arrived from Iceland. Susan arrived from New Zealand. We finalised the details. Music was confirmed and food was cooked.

7 days ago, we had a funeral. We said our farewells, I read the eulogy. We ate, we talked and more. That night we visited Matthew’s laser lab and learnt all sorts of things about quantum. Erica went back to Iceland to continue her holiday.

Pabbi and our memories, 320/365

6 days ago, I went to the orthodontist and had a bracket repositioned. We went to the farm for dinner and had Susan’s chocolate self-saucing pudding for dessert.

5 days ago, I had apple cake and ice-cream for breakfast. We cleaned, sorted and made stacks. I had dinner out with a friend and her family and then went to see Where the Heart Is by Expressions DC. The dancing and music was powerful.

4 days ago, we went through slides, cleaned, sorted and more. Karl flew home to Iceland, I went home to my place. My home felt so strange after a week with my family.

3 days ago, I went back to work. I went to SES. I brought my flowers home to my place. Ever since, my room has been filled with the scent of lilies.

2 days ago, I sobbed as I ate my breakfast. Work was work and then I went out to dinner at Jellyfish for a birthday of a friend and had the most amazing meal. The fish, the wine, the dessert, all just amazing.

1 day ago, I realised that keeping busy does keep your mind off the matter but as soon as you stop and take a moment, it can hit you. The time between when you turn off the light and when you fall asleep is filled with thoughts. Unlike 12 days ago, 11 days ago and the like, sleep is no longer so broken. My mind happily stays focused for the most part.

Today, I’ve found some words to type.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to work and then it is the long weekend. A long weekend which will see me packing and planning for Iceland.

Life goes on, differently each day. Time will change things and time will heal things.

Lillies and Chrissies

11 Replies to “12 days ago”

  1. You have written beautifully about Pabbi’s death and the last 12 days. I have had a few tears reading it. Tonight, I have been through all my Iceland slides.
    Love Mum

  2. I’m so vey sorry. You must be terribly sad. I know no words will make you feel better…I hope the sadness gets less and less for you and your family.x

  3. Helen, you dont know me but I have always enjoyed your writing and pictures of all things normal. You are extremely talented. Was very sorry tonight to read of your loss. I have been where you are, please take comfort that in time the good memories of your father and the joy of your relationship with him will be the ones that will always be in your mind. You have written what you needed to write so beautifully. Take care, Wendy

  4. You don’t know me but we share a name.
    I don´t remember your pabbi but I remember your mother and Karl Jóhann. Your mother sent us a picture of your beautiful family when you were a baby and I was so proud to have a namesake in Austrailia ;O)
    I am very sorry for your families loss and I hope you enjoy Iceland.

  5. I also lost my father this year ( march17th) aged 66, it can be a big shock.
    I at least had 10 days notice, and was there the afternoon he died.

    You just have to remember Life is for living.
    And when you are hurt by something it is usually a point for us to learn and grow.

  6. Hy,

    I don’t know you, and this is a first time that i’m on your blog/web site,

    But i started to read the site, and i saw this post 12 days ago, and i just wanted to say i’m sorry about your lost, and i know how you feel….

    I lost my father 6 months ago (2 days after X-Mas 2009, and he was also 66, and i’m 24, and that’s the reason i’m writing this.

    The time does heal things, but the pain is still there….
    ….spend your free time with your family…

    Take care, and enjoy every second of your life…

    Tomislav from Croatia

  7. your post brought tears to my eyes as I was empathizing with the pain that you were going through during these 12 days.

    I’m thinking of you and hoping that you have many memories of your dad to comfort you during this difficult time.

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