Clem7 Fun Run

In 9hrs time I will be a few minutes into the Clem7 10km! Excited just slightly but also a little bit nervous!

This is not your ordinary 10km run, it’s in a tunnel! I’m going to be jogging under the Brisbane River! How cool is that?

Whilst the fun run is been held to celebrate the community opening of the Clem7 tunnel, it is also been used as a fund raiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Since it is a fund raiser, I would of course dearly appreciate any donations. If you wish to support the cause, you can head over to my fund raising page.

I’ll be back tomorrow, most likely slightly exhausted!

And because there is always something else, have you seen the Tsunami Warning that is out for SE QLD tomorrow? Far Out Brussel Sprout!

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