A day like one of those, 154/365

Washing, 19:37, 154/365

Today was one of those weird days.
It started with a blood test to hopefully sort out this issue.
Then brunch with a friend at Indro and finishing off the Christmas shopping.
Spending close to an hour at Spotlight in the line and then getting a refund sorted.
Going to Mum’s to use the oven and me not having my baking head screwed on properly.
Wondering what on earth is going through the head of my younger brother….
Wishing it would rain and storm but only getting a drizzle.
I decided it would be a really nice, cooling and mind clearing to take lay on the grass in the back yard on a yoga mat with some Thelonius Monk, a pillow and a candle. It was really nice till the mozzies and bitey bugs realised where I was…..

Tomorrow is Sunday and we shall see what the day brings.

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