A Foiled Birthday

I turned the pretty average 24 today, I am officially in my mid 20s now!

My breakfast blend
Birthday Smoothie

The girls called me shortly after leaving work yesterday and told me that I was to sleep in this morning and come to work at 0830 instead of my usual arrival between 0730 and 0800. When I walked towards the office, all I could see was Al-Foil all over my desk πŸ˜€ I walked in to hugs from the girls and Al-Foil. They did fantastic job of Al-Foiling my desk, my drawers, my chair, my stationary, everything!

Foil all around
A Foiled birthday

A Foiled birthday

A Foiled birthday

A Foiled birthday
A Foiled birthday

A Foiled birthday

We had decided yesterday to have hot dogs for lunch and one of the girls had said she would bake me a cake. I very much believed that would mean the purchase of a cake from woolies. I was to learn today that no, she had actually baked me a cake! I was quite impressed.

I went down to see one of the doctors and she asked me if we were having the Lamingtons she had given me for morning tea at 0930. I just said ???? what do you mean morno’s?? We are having hot dogs for lunch. Thinking to myself crazy doctor. I went back to my desk and oh about 0930, Cathy swings her chair round to face me and goes “Tea?” I go mmm I don’t know this morning, she goes “come on” and off we go to the lunch room with our tea cups in hand. I open the door to the lunch room and before me I see my fellow medical staff and the interviewing staff and a big spread of mornos πŸ˜€ I was speechless for the second time in as many hours.

My cake!

For lunch Hot Dogs were made πŸ™‚
Birthday Lunch - Hotdogs

For Arvo’s I had a lamington, well half because Cathy stole half of it.
Afternoon tea, 55/365

Then it was time for the F-111 trial fly-over for Riverfire tomorrow night. I got video of the flyover but it doesn’t currently want to get off my SD card. This is the view from the testing room on the floor below me. oh the city is pretty.
Oh the city from Lv 11
Oh the city from Lv 11
Oh the city from Lv 11

I was absolutely touched at the effort that the girls and boys had gone to to make my day special πŸ˜€
Then it was home to find a birthday parcel from dear Georgie currently in Sydney πŸ˜€ Now I’m watching the footy and hoping the Lions can beat the Bulldogs….

and just because

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  1. Somehow the comment I typed for this entry, ended up on another entry! I am so glad that the people at work made your day special.

    Love Mum

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