Frocking up to Dine In

Two Fridays ago work had a Dining In night which was nice experience.

I wore a dress that had originally been my semi-formal dress prior to a few alterations that Mum and I did.

The dress as it did look.
The dinining in dress before the chop

Mum pinning the hem.
Mum pinning the new hem

My shoes πŸ™‚ When I wore this dress in high school, I wore a pair of black heels under it. With the hemline going up, new shoes were needed. These were the first pair of shoes I seriously tried on. Were marked at $290, then reduced to $50 as they were a season old and the scanned at $19.95!! Bargain and very comfy as well.
Gold and sparkley

A photo to show how the dress looked after the alterations.
Hair, yes. Dress, yes. Face, yes. Jewellery, yes.

Then a photo of myself and one of the girls I work with near the end of the night πŸ˜€
Frocked up to Dine In, 41/365

Had some fantastic food, a lot of fun and heard some hilarious stories.

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  1. Nice to read about the “Dining in” experience and I am glad you had a good night. My first thoughts were “very nice shoes” and my second thoughts were “That’s my necklace!!” It looks good with the dress – just as well Pabbi knew you had it! Love Mum

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