Brown Owls in the park

On Sunday it was Brown Owls once again and it was a teeny tiny group this month. There were just six of us. Instead of the usual common room we went to a picnic table and it was lovely crafting and talking in the open air.

A teeny tiny Brown Owls

I worked on my granny square blanket which is slowly growing and enjoyed watching the others in their pursuits.

One of the little highlights was when Mel was picked up her little bub came to pick her up πŸ˜€ Three and a half weeks and just adorable.
Mel and bub

By some strange reason, I turned up about 45 minutes early and I took the time to enjoy the Roma St Parklands, I took a few photos but this is my favourite. I was sitting on a ledge and this duck, decided it wanted to be look inside my bag, my camera, my other bag etc etc!

I’m going to miss the next Brown Owls meeting, which will be a bummer but I will be in Bali so I will be doing all sorts of other exciting things.

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  1. When I was in Mongolia, I went to the shop where the Mongolian Brown Owls meet – in fact, I could see the shop from our guest house window. The shop had for sale one felted “Brown Owl” broach affair! Unfortunately, only one and another lady on the trip beat me to it!!

    Love Mum

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