Simon and Garfunkel In Concert!

Simon and Garfunkel was amazing. It was just amazing to hear those voices live, to see them on stage in front of me (albeit a long way in front of me -> I was in the very back row of the entertainment centre. I was so tempted to throw caution to the wind and book a flight and some expensive tickets and go see them in Sydney or Melbourne later this week but the sensible Helen said that would be a lot of money.

I guess due to the size of the concert I didn’t find it nearly as thrilling as The Breeders last year (I was in the front row then) but I did spend the entire night with a grin on my face and my hands clasped in front of me. I bought an overpriced t-shirt along with a very pretty tour poster for which I will need to find a nice A3 frame.

*video montage*
Old Friends/Bookends
Hazy Shade Of Winter
I Am A Rock
Kathy’s Song – Art believes this is the greatest love song of “our” (his) generation
*chatter about Alice in Wonderland*
Hey Schoolgirl
Bebop-alula (The Everley Brothers)
Scarborough Fair
Homeward Bound
*video montage ending with a clip from The Graduate*
Mrs Robinson
Slip Slidin’ Away
El Condor Pasa (If I Could)

*Art Garfunkel*
Bright Eyes
A Heart in New York
The Perfect Moment/Now I Lay me Down

For Emily, Whenever I may find her

*Paul Simon*
The Boy in the Bubble
Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes

Only Living Boy in New York
My Little Town
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Encore 1
The Boxer

Encore 2
Sounds of Silence
The Leaves That Are Green

Encore 3
Feelin’ Groovy

Here is my *fantastic* photo of the night from my camera phone, taken during the playing of Feelin’ Groovy
Simon and Garfunkel!

And here is a little video clip from my phone

Big props to them for playing for 2hrs 10mins, it was great to not have a support act and no intermission.

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