The deck

The last five weeks have been incredibly crazy for me. We changed contract holders at work and that meant for my section a new manager and two new admins, which has meant a lot of training from myself and the other girl who stayed on. It has been hard and there are times when I just want to erect a divider round my desk and close my self off my the rest of the world and get my work done. The reality of that is that I have been working long hours. Which is why this blog has been lacking. Most days I get home from work, have a bite to eat, have a little chill out and then fall asleep waiting for it to repeat all over again the next day. In saying all that though, I still love the outcome of my job and just wish there was more time

A week after the contract changed, I moved house. I am still in the same suburb but moved a few streets over to a house that is owned by a friend of Karl’s. My room is the smallest room I have ever lived in but I love it. For the first time since moving out of home, all my boxes are unpacked and that feels great! Everything has a place and I have also gotten rid of a lot of crap which is great. One of the things or probably the thing I love most about this house and one of the things that sold me on moving in was the deck. I iron on the deck, I eat my meals on the deck, I relax on the deck, I create on the deck. The deck is good. I am currently sitting at the dining table (the deck is the dining room) with my laptop, listening to the bats screech in the trees, the whistles from the basketball stadium across the park and the trains that crescendo and decrescendo past. If I get home and it is still light or on the weekends, I often kick back on the sofa on the lounge and read a book or do some crochet.

On the weekend I went to a BBQ which was organised by one of the ladies I started SES with all those months ago as we are no longer “newbies” but real members. A perfect excuse to make cupcakes πŸ™‚ and SES cupcakes is what I made. Vanilla buttercake for the cake and then fondant icing with lollies on top.

SES Cupcakes

Of course, I decorated the cakes on the deck and here is a photo of my set-up.

My kitchen table

It’s just after 9pm and I can feel my eyes starting to close so I am going to curl up in bed with my book and wait for it all to repeat itself tomorrow πŸ˜€

A youtube link to close the post – Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy. I thought this was good.

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