Sunset Sounds 2009

Last week, Brisbane’s newest festival filled the Old Botanical Gardens with fantastic music on three stages over two mid-week afternoons. Sunset Sounds was brought to Brisbane by the same folk who run that festival down south called The Falls Festival. Overall it was a really nice festival and it was great to leave work and head down to the gardens and enjoy the music and the gardens.

Some of my highlights would have to have had included The Cat Empire (so great seeing them live), Tegan and Sara (haven’t got into them on the radio but live they were great), The Kooks (they were so great to photograph), Skipping Girl Vinegar (just so fun, they made me smile), Blue King Brown (no explanation needed there), I Heart Hiroshima (Brisbane, fun, crazy and great).

The gallery from Day 1 is up on The Dwarf and both days are up in Sunset Sounds ’09.

Here is a selection of photos.
The Cat Empire
The Kooks
Sharon Jones
crazy kids
crazy kids 2
TInpan Orange
Tegan and Sara
I Heart Hiroshima
Skipping Girl Vinegar
Ash Gruwnald
The Boat People

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  1. hey you didnt happen to get a picture of a girl in a sailors hat at the front of the crowd at river stage did you?
    nice photos by the way!

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