30 days has November

ahhh November 30, it means so many things. It means that in two days Karl will arrive and in three days Toti and co will arrive. It means that tomorrow I need to buy an advent calendar for work. It means today is a Sunday so we went to The Farm for dinner and we had fish just as we do every Sunday. Though today marked the start of Grandad’s corn harvest so we had fish with a corn and avocado salad I made. It also means the last day of blogging every day of the month. phew!!

To share here are some of the photos I took at The Farm today.

Kangaroo Paw studies III Kangaroo Paw studies II Kangaroo Paw studies I Custard Apple (the beginning) Corn Corn Corn Grandad's Fork Helen, The Farm

I am so excited about this December, it is going to be a fantastic month!

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