Christmas Pudding

The 2008 Christmas Spectacular aka all the family coming home for Christmas is fast approaching. My dear brother Karl arrives in 9.5 days (I am sooo looking forward to having Karl around for a couple of weeks) then in 10.5 days Toti, Anna and the girls arrive (kids to take photos of!) then a week and a bit after that NZ starts arriving and then Tasmania starts to arrive as well.

Today Mum and I made the Christmas Puddings, using Grandmum’s recipe. The recipe makes a big, big, big pudding (it uses 8 eggs). We split the pudding into two though, one big one with coins in for Christmas Day and then another smaller one as a back up in case we run out or to eat as left overs in the new year.

Pudding time

Oh I am so looking forward to Christmas this year

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