Some of you will know that over the last couple of months I have become a bit of a fan of Lush, in fact just about everything I use in the skin/shower line is Lush. My face is the clearest it has ever been thanks to Herbalism, my hair is a lot more controllable thanks to Godiva and Jungle. I have even found a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling really gluggy thanks to Enzymion.

Tonight the stores launched the Christmas goodies with a VIP night so I popped along to the Brisbane store on the mall for my first ever Lush VIP night. We were all given cute little sample bags when we walked in filled with assorted samples and then I won a Marzibain bubble bar and a piece of Snowcake soap. I also picked up some goodies I had been wanting, chatted to a few people, had a good laugh and am very much looking forward to going to another VIP night.

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