It all started Saturday morning, I was in the car, all ready to make my weekly trip to the West End Markets.

I turned the key, the engine turned over but then nothing. I tried again. The same again. Luckily Andrea and her boyfriend so we were able to jump-start the car and then it was fine and off to the markets. I thought I must have just left an interior light on.

Sunday arvo, I needed to make a trip to the shops. I was making something. Oh yes that is right, I was making pasta and and needed some meat to make a sauce for dinner. I hopped in the car, turned the key and nothing. The engine didn’t turn over, the battery light didn’t light up. I was not happy.

I borrowed Andrea’s car and went to the shop and came home and kept making pasta (I had ravioli the next three days for lunch or dinner (so yummy) and I now have two containers of pasta dried in the cupboard ready for use.

Thinking of my week ahead. I called the RACQ after I had eaten on Sunday night. A nice chap came, had a look round the inside, tested the battery which had a paltry 0.2v left in it. He noted that the battery was just over four years old so was probably reaching the end of its natural life. He filled the battery up with water and advised me to take it for a long drive to charge the battery.

Monday arvo, I hopped in the car, turned the key and nothing. So I called the RACQ again, a test of the battery showed that it had 0.2v in it again, the RACQ guy advised me that I really should have had put the battery on a bench charge overnight to charge it 100% but who has one of those laying around. I asked him to just replace the battery and hopefully that would fix everything.

Tuesday morning, I jumped in the car and drove it down the street to the train station. Yeah it worked!!! Tuesday afternoon I walked back to my car from the train station. I turned the key in the lock and woe is me, only the driver door unlocked. Still I jumped in the drivers seat and turned the key. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I called the RACQ again and he was at my car in minutes (I had seen him with another car outside the train station. This time he jump started it, had a really good look round the car to see if there was a light or something that could be draining the battery and found nothing. After a quick call to the Auto-Electrician to see if they could have a look at the car. I drove the car over and left it parked outside.

I got a call the next day. The alternator had gone. It is now fixed though and my car is running smoothly again D:

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  1. I hear you. I’ve had dozens of similarly crap car-related moments (on Story Bridge, peak hour, smoke starts coming out from under bonnet…. peak hour, Ipswich Rd, car stops dead, halfway across the two right hand turning lanes…) so I know ALL ABOUT IT.
    But last week, I was super stressed, jumped in car to get home, same thing. No lights, no engine noise, no click, nothing. RACQ guy came and reminded me that an automatic has to be in PARK before it will start. How embarrassing. He was very understanding and sympathetic. But the best thing was, apparently that’s not the dumbest thing he’s ever seen. He said that some lady called him because she was locked out of her car. When he got there, the battery in her remote unlocker button had died. He showed her that she could just use the ACTUAL KEY to UNLOCK THE CAR. True story.

  2. I hate car troubles. My first car cost me everything, there was always something wrong with it, sent me broke. In the end I had an accident. Second car was good to me, the only major thing was the air-con,I didn’t bother fixing it. I should really join RACQ.

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