Mt Mitchell

On Saturday Mum and I went on our first YHA Bushwalkers walk, a pleasant 10km stroll up Mt Mitchell in the Main Range. There were fifteen of us on the walk and was it was meeting some new people and walking in clear weather.
birds on a log

One of my highlights was “feasting” on wild raspberries with my lunch and ringing Grandad in his hospital bed from the top of the mountain.
Wild Raspberry snacks Wild Raspberry snacks Ringing Grandad

It is such an easy walk, I almost felt like running back down the track but didn’t instead I ran my hands over the grass trees, each time, delighting in the rush of the leaves over the palm of my hand.
grass trees

I had forgotten how much I love the view from the gap. Sitting on a rock looking out over the Fassifern Valley it just looks so nice.
Fassifern Valley Looking West

When the walk was over we had a little shop in the very nice Aratula Fruit Market before heading back to Brisbane and stopping in for a little while at the hospital to visit Grandad for a while.

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  1. wow, i love the one on the left at the bottom. that 5D does a mean job of balancing shadows and hightlights! or were you secretly using the graduated filters again?? πŸ™‚

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