a wedding at The Glen

Last Saturday I went to another wedding (surprised? lol no) with Tim. A nice casual laid back affair at the semi-local hotel for the couple The Glen Hotel

This photo cracks me up no end.
Sibling relations
It is like, the little fella is going, no way am I wearing that bow tie, can’t you see the look I am going for here? Hands in pocket, the top buttons undone? all I need now is a pair of sunnies. Then I would be beyond cool.

in their own world
Or this one, all three doing their own thing and the smoke alarm with a missing battery.

Making the Bouquet
There was a fair bit of diy at this wedding and as Tim and I arrived at the house, they were all busy doing the flowers.

Or this one, they have just signed the marriage certificate and check out the face on their daughter πŸ™‚ They were such a happy family it was a crack-up.

one fine car
Is this car not a beauty?

These two photos are probably my favs, Tim was taking a few family shots and whilst we were trying to muster them, I grabbed these two. I look at them and keep on laughing at the kids trying to escape, the father telling the family to behave as you will treasure these photos in years to come.
family portraits I family portraits II

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