line of eggs

Despite promises by Mum that we wouldn’t be getting any Easter Eggs this year, Pabbi just couldn’t resist and since Mum is walking the border line at the moment somewhere between the Mt Lindsay border gate and the Boonah border gate (hopefully much much closer to the Boonah gate since she started at the Mt Lindsay gate on Friday morning), Pabbi could do as he wanted.

I woke up this morning to find a carton of eggs on my desk. Never mind the fact that I still have my three Lindt Bunnies from last year on my desk and we only finished the other eggs in September. I did only buy them though to take photos of though and I didn’t eat them last year after taking photos of them so I could take photos of them again this year!

First thing I did was to go outside and have a play. This was one of the photos I took. Pabbi asked me what I was doing. I said taking photos because what else am I meant to do with them? Eat them?
line of eggs

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