The week and the end.

Monday, 71/366
little lost shoe, 71/366

Tuesday, 72/366
lantern, 72/366

Wednesday, 73/366
ohhhh dof diptych, 73/366

Thursday, 74/366
the things that are dear to me, 74/366

Friday, 75/366
a ray of light on a the seat, 75/366

Saturday, 76/366
stop, the end, 76/366
Stop Driving, such a West End thing. In my case though it is Stop 366.
This photo marks the end of my attempt at 366 in 2008. I was going to try to hold at out to 100/366 but I am throwing my lens cap into the ring now.
I have taken some photos I would never have taken before in the last 76 days, photos that I like but I have also taken photos which I don’t really like and were only taken because I needed a photo for the day.

The last couple of weeks it has seemed that taking a photo for the day has been the only thing on my mind. What will I take for the photo for today etc etc. I have better, more productive things to do with my time than sit there thinking, what in my room have I not taken a photo of.

And perhaps I might even shock horror post here more as I won’t be spending time, thinking what oh what can I take a photo of today.

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  1. I was wondering how long it would last. Some of them really felt like desperation shots. It’s why I never tried one either. I already take my camera everywhere, I don’t need a mission like this to force myself into it. Still, I did get to see some different shots πŸ™‚

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