one spire, two spire, cathedral

Yesterday the Cathedral across the street from where I work stepped one step closer to completion with the spires lifted into place. Each spire weighs a whopping 9 tonne and they were lifted into place by a 350 tonne crane on the back of a truck.

I had read in Friday’s paper that the spires were going up on Saturday but there was no mention of the time. When I woke up I rang the paper, the radio station, the tv station and the cathedral and I couldn’t get any answers either due to the phone not been answered or people not knowing. I then rang work and was told that one spire was up already. I packed a camera bag, jumped in the car and rushed into work. When I got to my level at work, I saw that they were still working on the first spire and there was a sizeable crowd in the square below. I figured that I would wait in the air-con, doing some loose ends at work till there was some movement on the ground with the second spire. When I saw things moving into place for the second spire, I raced to the elevator and willed it to descend faster. Oh it was a sight to see. The spires are almost as tall as the building itself. There were lots and lots of cameras and video cameras of all shapes and sizes. From Kodak disposables to a Leica to compact digitals and DSLRs, everyone wanted a photo.

If you mouse over the photos, you should get the titles, otherwise you can click through as always to the larger photo.
Step 1, attaching the crane Step 2, coming back down to earth Step 3, showing the size Step 6, lifting the spire, 62/366 The sign Step 7, putting her in place loo with a view Step 8, the cross is swung in on the other crane Step 10, the crowd in Cathedral Square cheers Step 12, Blessing the final spire

Then it was over, I went back up stairs (well up elevator) to say bye to the people at work, who were still shaking their head at how I found the event exciting, then it was back to the car and home again.

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  1. wow! What a cool sight to see…and you captured it so well! I love watching major progress on buildings and roads, but then, I’m weird like that. πŸ™‚

  2. hi, ive been watching st johns progress for 10 years. I made a model from plans i recieved from the builders a few years ago. The spires will be 51m high, tallest in QLD. and equal 12th tallest with St peters in Adelaide.
    I watched the massive spires of St MArys in Sydney go up in 2000 and that was an old day affair. they both reach 74m which complete the cathedral.
    well done st johns and well done brisbane parish.
    cheers for photos.

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