Vans Boys of Summer @ The Arena

Tuesday night I had nothing better to do so headed along to The Arena to photograph the Vans Boys of Summer Tour for The Dwarf. Was a big change from what I normally photograph so that was fun still totally not the music I listen to but fun and a challenge to photograph (thank goodness for Raw and the ability to push the exposure). The Arena was only about half full which made it easy to move around, instead of other times when it is packed to the rafters. I managed to sit in gum though πŸ™ which was not nice.


Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts

Set Your Goals
set your goals

The Amity Affliction


Boys of Summer Gallery

4 Replies to “Vans Boys of Summer @ The Arena”

  1. and that is why full frame is good Lucky πŸ™‚ also you can’t 2.8 on the wide angle crop lenses can you??
    So glad I took the 16-35 with me as it was on the camera about 90% of the night.

  2. Lol Big Brother, you haven’t seen the “negs”, why do you think most of them are B&W? You can push the exposure a lot more when they are B&W. hehehe

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