Cainbable Falls

On Sunday, Mum, myself and 14 other NPAQ members went for a wee stroll in the bush up round O’Rilleys to do the Cainbable track. All in all it was a quite pleasant day walking through a variety of vegetation and as usual the people were pleasant too. The saddest thing though was walking through the rainforest and seeing the level of stress it is in. The ground was littered with King Orchids which have fallen off trees due to lack of water. The ground was also littered with green leaves which the trees are shedding as they try to survive. In general the place just doesn’t look healthy.
There was also a fair amount of smoke on the horizon which made the views rather hazy.

There was some beauty in all of that though.
Gympie Gympie with insect eaten leaves a fern floating together 1234 Orchid Grass Tree It was one smokey day

This is a sign on the Duck Creek Road made me laugh.
Duck Creek Rd

Mum and various NPAQ members
Mum, Kay & Anne 43TR80 lookout

There was quite a few ticks about and Mum ended up with a nice one, I was lucky and managed to escape them.

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