Kangaroo Point

Two weeks ago today I turned 22, two weeks ago today I also spent a very very fun evening out with the POTN crew taking photos of the city, of our resident fire twirler, partaking in “Flash Wars”, generally been silly and pimping the gear. We have no shame. There is always that moment when you can slip in a comment about well if you had that lens or if you upgraded your camera or if you had a flash, especially when it comes to me and my beloved Sigma 12-24mm. This thing isn’t just ultra wide angle it is ultra ultra wide angle. I loved it on the 350d, on the 5D it is a perfect partner. Though as much as I promote the beauty of the 12-24mm, there was a few moments on that night when the city was just a little bit too far away from the cliffs and I think some people just about fainted when I commented that the 12-24mm was just too wide πŸ˜€

Anyway photos.

This is my city

BrisbaneHello Plane

G twirling

Ohh I wonder if the flash will show the bones in my hand? (not my hand, but my partner in “flash wars” hand)
Got Flash?

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