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At the moment I can’t get enough of some of the live recordings from Bonnaroo. I also just like saying the word Bonnaroo. Even if it is meant to be Cajan Slang it sounds quite Australian to me. This year there was also a swag of Aussies showing the people stateside how music is made. Well two of them did, I am still not sold that the third one makes music. The first two are Xavier Rudd and The John Butler Trio. Both of whom have been nominated for ARIAs as could be expected.

The three live recordings that I am loving at the moment are all available at the 2007 Bonnaroo at Large Hearted Boy

John Butler Trio: 2007-06-17, Bonnaroo (Sendspace link) [mp3]
Regina Spektor: 2007-06-16, Bonnaroo (Sendspace link) [mp3]
Xavier Rudd: 2007-06-16, Bonnaroo [mp3,ogg,flac]

I still have quite a few artists on that list that I want to check out live.

On the weekend Clare and I went to the Acoustic in the Park afternoon at Southank. It was a nice afternoon of relatively unknown local singer/songwriters. We went because we wanted to check out Georgia Potter who delighted us.

Clare’s Shoes
Clare's cons

Georgia and then two of the other acts. I can’t recall their names at the moment and can’t find the slip of paper I was writing it down on. Southbank has not posted the names anywhere.
20070916_1526 Georgia Potter 20070916_1512

Also went to the farm on Sunday morning and took a few photos. These two are my favs.
Crucifix Orchids

Work is still going pretty well but getting quite busy.

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