work, socialise, sleep. repeat

It seems like ever since I started working that my social life has been filled up with places to go, people to meet etc. That may have been in part due to Georgie coming home and also not working 4 nights a week.

Since I don’t think I will ever catch up with big blog posts I will do a mini recap – I still have photos from Melbourne to post, namely the warbling Tom Woodward gig from the last night.

Saturday 8/9/07, two parties.
The first party/bbq was a farewell party to a friend from high school, Belinda who has received a 3 year scholarship to Cambridge(yeah that Cambridge) to complete her Phd in something to do with MRIs and modelling. Great to catch up with both Bindy’s family and the girls from high school.

Nishanta Candice, Candy, Fred Mel and Bindy Sarah and Bindy Belinda's going to Cambridge party

The second party was an interesting hour filled with ramblings, alcohol and photo taking. A couple of people from work and their random friends.
Gianna, powerade, glowstick Nicole random finger

Sunday Arvo 9/9/07
Shakespeare on Oxford.
A free presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a Sunday arvo. How could I resist? Georgie joined me for the last part of the play before we headed back to her house for dinner with her family. Quite a nice afternoon.
Watching the show Enjoying the show Teneriffe Ferry

Monday 10/9/07
POTN Brisbane night time adventure night 1, Southbank.
Someone had the whacky idea of going out two nights in a row to take photos of the City at dusk/night from two different angles. From Southbank the first night and Kangaroo point the second night. They were both very fun nights with lots of flash war fun. Props to the fast recycle time/flash strength of the 580ex. I could out flash all night long πŸ˜€ Still going through photos from this night and I haven’t even started on the next night. All I have left to go through for this night are photos from the break dancers we stumbled upon at Southbank and random POTN crew photos.

Southbank 3

Sparklers on the boardwalk at Southbank Feng Ghosty Nick Potn Crew Bouganvilla Arbour Spam w/ ray of light The Commissariat Store Building bouganvilla 12yo breakdancing at southbank Parliamentary Annexe

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