Perfect Sundays

Today was a nice day. One of those days where you are doubly happy to be living in this wonderful world. The sort of day where you forget about the troubles. I woke this morning at 5:30am and after laying there for 30mins I could not get back to sleep. I decided I may as well get up and face the day. I went into the kitchen and started the process of making some olive oil bread. I was using fresh yeast for the first time as well so that was fun. Once I had made the dough and left it to rise, I headed down to the Nundah markets which is very small affair of a few produce stalls and some other knick knacks. I was hoping to get some basil to make a big batch of pesto but was out of luck. I did however pick up some nice tomatoes which I will use for dinner tomorrow night.

It was also just such a lovely morning, Mum and Pabbi were at Tangalooma for their wedding anniversary, the guests of the Palsson Guest House (read my brother and his friends) were still fast asleep. It was just me, the overcast sky outside, the kitchen, a cup of Nature’s Cuppa Ceylon Tea and Macca on the radio. Macca and Australia All Over on a Sunday morning is something that I have grown up with. I know I often talk about how much I love listening to the ABC but Macca and Australia All Over is something extra special. Listening to people call in from all across this wide brown land and from around the world about what they are doing is just a great thing on a Sunday morning. Also just listening to Macca in general, he has such a great personality. I read the papers, had some breakfast, tended to my bread and just soaked up the overcast sky and the drizzle. I didn’t make a plain olive oil loaf but folded two cloves of finely chopped garlic into the dough as I formed it. Which when I got it in the oven made the kitchen smell wonderful, that mixing of the yeasty smell with garlic, just so yummy.

Once the bread was cooked I grabbed it out of the oven, wrapped it in a tea towel and headed over to Georgie’s house. Georgie and her boyfriend left Brisbane at Christmas to do their last semester of uni at University of Toronto before tripping across the world. They got home just over a week ago and even though we have spoken on the phone a few times, it was great to spend the afternoon hanging out looking at photos/videos, chatting, laughing, cooking and laughing some more. As well as chatting to her parents, boyfriend and playing with the cats and dog.

Today has been overcast for most of the day and raining for most of that. Which made it perfect weather for staying inside cooking in the kitchen. As opposed to going for a walk or browsing the shops on Oxford St. Staying inside cooking is what we did. We made a very tasty spiced pumpkin coconut soup with prawns for a late lunch which went very well with the bread. Then for afternoon tea we made a berry slice πŸ™‚

It is bed time for me now as I have my last 5am start at work in the morning, oh I look forward to starting at 7!

Of course no post is ever quite complete without a photo and as I didn’t take any this afternoon at Georgie’s, here is one from the other week when the film festival was on.

The bridge

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