Bertha Control CD Launch

Last night I headed down to the Zoo (solo because my prospective partner in crime decided that reading Harry Potter was more important than live music, shakes head) primarily to see Banawurun and Saritah and secondly to check out Bertha Control live for their CD launch.

Banawurun were a treat and I knew they would be. Enjoyed them at Woodford and enjoyed them immensely again last night. There was no didg or clap sticks this time though. Troy n’ Trevelyn draw on their Indigenous and Zimbabwean roots respectively and weave the music together in a way which just makes perfect sense, a blend of soul, funk and of course some good old fashioned reggae.
Troy Brady of Banawurun Trev of Banawun Troy n' Trevyln of Banawurun Troy n' Trevyln of Banawurun

Saritah is someone I have known about for a couple of years now after finding her website and downloading some mp3’s so it was an absolute treat to see her live at long last. Saritah was joined up on stage for a couple of songs by local girl Georgia Potter, who I have seen round the traps before, she added some rather incredible soul vocals to the set. The set was closed rather perfectly by Pray.

Saritah 2 Saritah 1 Saritah and Georgia 1 Saritah and Georgia Potter Georgia

Bertha Control, were intriguing, full of reggae and funk with a good dose of rock. For a couple of songs they were joined by a cellist and violinist which was great fun they also had a horns section which consisted of sax, trumpet and flute πŸ˜€ always love a horns section. One song in particular stood out for me, which was Daze of the Week which you can listen to on their myspace page.

Flawless of Bertha Control Flawless and Julz, Bertha Control Julz of Bertha Control CC the Cat of Bertha Control Flawless of Bertha Control Bertha Control 2

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