Blue King Brown

Last post from the ABC birthday party and really about time. I discovered Blue King Brown at Woodford this year and since then their album Stand Up has had a lot play.
Whilst the ABC show was a different vibe to Woodford where it was a X000 wet people dancing in mud at midnight to 100odd people dancing in the winter sun at the Riverstage with X000 people sitting on the hill behind them, BKB delivered with the crowd listening to every word that sung from Natalie’s mouth. There were times when the crowd was jumping, clapping and singing a long with the songs and then there were times when the crowd stood there listening in awe as they listened to the words and thought about the meaning behind them. Head over to their myspace page and listen to some tracks if you haven’t before. Now the photos which is what you all come for πŸ™‚

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