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On Friday night I went to see Burt Bacharach and The Queensland Orchestra. From the first notes played to the last song of the encore I had a grin on my face like you just wouldn’t believe. I was chatting to some people waiting at the traffic lights outside the
Convention Centre waiting to cross who remarked that wasn’t I bit young to be at a Burt Bacharach concert. I replied that “who wouldn’t love Burt?”. As a pianist and composer he has a remarkable career and many of the songs that he wrote are entrenched in pop culture. I personally own two of his LPs which I quite enjoy.

The format of the 100min show was mainly the playing of medleys as well as a few full length songs. Whilst I knew most of the “old songs” and soundtrack tunes they played, it was quite interesting to hear three of the songs off his newest album At This Time (2005) which was the first time he had written lyrics as well as the music. This of course meant that he was singing as well as playing piano/keys which was very impressive.

Burt and the QO
Burt 2

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