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*rant ahead *
I have been seeing the ads everywhere about the upcoming Tori Amos tour and for the past week not much else has been in Winamp except Tori with the new album on very high rotation. Tickets go on sale to the public on Monday but I thought gee it is not hard to guess the pre-sale code word (posse) let me get the ticket tonight instead.

The price though is $119.90 for all seats at all venues in Australia – The Brisbane show is at the convention centre and it doesn’t matter if you are stitting two rows from the front or along the top row they want $119.90. How on earth can they justify that price? Grrr really angry Helen here. Normally for shows in places like this they do tiered ticketing. The closer you want to sit the more you pay. Case in point Burt Bacharach in a few weeks time, I don’t need to sit up close to enjoy the show so I have a *cheap* ticket.

The dodgey thing is that I could go see her in the Frankfurt Opera Hall which is a pretty swish place and get decent seats for about AU$80 or run of the mill standing GA tickets in London for about AU$60. This is so crap. I am not happy jan.

As much as I love Tori Amos, I just won’t be buying a ticket because there is no way that I can justify paying that sort of money for a ticket. I mean if it was $119.90 for an intimate show at the Troubadour it would be a different story all together. grrr

*end rant*

Now for something pretty to lighten the mood.

simple looking up

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  1. That is crap but, i do have to say though that i once went for Tori tickets, like 10 years ago and found that they were $70 US for seats that were practically in the parking lot *they were SO back row* I had to make a judgment call as I was also buying a ticket for a friend that I couldn’t get ahold of. Should I spend somebody else’s hard earned bucks for BACK BACK BACK row?

    I decided to go for it, what the hey?

    As it turns out, the seating of the stadium got re-arranged **no idea why**
    But get this. Our BACK row tickets turned into SECOND ROW *AND CENTER* tickets. Magically… how this happend we had no idea, our mouths were hanging open throughout the show, we were surprised, she was amazing. Best $70 back row tickets I ever bought.

  2. oh and, i LOVE the blue and green leaf pic. reminds me of a plant my grandfather used to have. He called it a “shame shame” plant.

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