Wallflower Records Launch at Bar Soma

I walked down Constance St to the sounds of psalmist and the lyre drifting out of Bar Soma which put a smile on my face. When I walked in I assessed the lighting like I do everywhere I go, thinking about what settings I will be able to get away with on my camera. I have started to get pretty good at knowing what settings will work for the different venues. Sunday night though I was very wrong in my assessment. I was thinking that I would be able to go f2.2@1/100@iso 800 so I dialled that in and took a shot and reviewed it. I was wrong. I ended up moving to f1.8/2 @1/60-80@iso1600, talk about going to extremes. I am seriously considering upgrading to the 50mm f1.4 now, the 50mm f1.8 has served me extremely well since I bought it in Nov ’04 but as I am starting to use it a lot more in low light and would appreciate the extra stop and better focusing. I will see what happens. I need to get a job yet.

psalmist and the lyre
psalmist and the lyre Ian Peres

These guys were rocking and folking and I loved it! Unfortunately their myspace music doesn’t sound anywhere near as rocking as it was live. Which is something I always get bummed by. I particularly loved Ian on the guitar/keys as he seemed to be having a really great time rocking out.

Claire Whiting
Claire Whiting

I knew she would be a treat and she was. I managed to misfocus on most of the photos I took of Claire and when they are at f.18/2 there is not much room to save them πŸ™ For me I think Claire was the highlight of the night.

Luke Foran and friends
Luke Foran
Luke Foran

I loved how Luke would pull random friends out of the crowd to do songs with him, really added another dimension to the show.

Mardi Lumsden
Mardi Lumsden Nigel Kee

I found Mardi through Claire Whiting’s myspace page after her gig with Jacob the other week and what a treat she was, I particularly love I want to Breathe it just makes me think of summer afternoons with daisies.

Four great bands all together to launch Wallflower Records and Mardi’s new EP Going is Finding and a truly fantastic night.

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