among the gum trees with Missy Higgins

So goodbye for a while, I'm off to explore

I don’t know how cohesive this post will be. I keep on having random thoughts about the night.

I thought I had our parking all scooped out but there was a show on at the RNA grounds that meant that parking was a lot more difficult, we ended up parking a nice walk away. Once we arrived at the Tivoli we were at at the top end of the street and we kept walking down, down, down till we reached the end of the street and then we had to go round the corner till we got to the end of the queue. It was a very big queue.
Once we got inside we quickly scooped out the merch table and picked up a shirt each. It is so comfy πŸ™‚

Jackie Marhsall was the support act and by george was she a treat. I caught a bit of her at Woodford and enjoyed it. I would say she was new to a fair swag of the Missy crowd which was cool for them. I love how broad her aussie accent is but most of all I loved her scat. Hope to see her again sometime soon.

Then it was Missy. I have mentioned before that until I saw her at the BluesFest I felt she was an amazing singer-songwriter but had lost or perhaps never really gained my vote due how she and The Sound of White were flogged to death in the years after the release. In that hour and a bit that she had my attention at the BlueFest she gained my vote ten times over. There would be nothing standing in my way to see her in Brisbane and here I was at The Tivoli with Andrea seeing Missy Higgins.

Just like at the BluesFest, Missy forgot her lyrics. Which meant for crowd hilarity. This time however it was The River, only three songs into the show. There was a lot of singing and I read one review that disliked all the crowd singing, I felt that the singing is what makes the show. We know when to let her sing on her own and she knows when to let us sing on our own.

She talked a lot about the last couple of years and the journey that she has taken in making this album as well as how she has moved from a yr 5 student writing a song about a convict been be-headed in the early days of settlement to the girl she is now.

The whole tour is climate friendly which is always good to hear. The set on stage was so cool, there was a park bench which is where the cellist sat as well as lots of gum trees in pots on the stage. You can see them in some of the photos. Thought it would have been really funny if she pulled out Home Among the Gum Trees.

One of the songs she played she hasn’t recorded and a lot of people were yelling out to her to record it but I kind of like it when artists keep songs that are just for live sets, it makes you feel special when you hear them πŸ˜€

By the end of the night I had laughed, smiled, welled up, felt sad and then smiled some more.

I said to Ms Andrea at the end of the night that I wish I bought a second ticket for one of the two other nights Missy was doing in Brisbane. (In all she did six shows in SEQ, 3 in Brissie, 1 down the coast, 1 up the coast and 1 at Toowoomba. Originally it was one in Brisbane but that sold out pretty quickly. Though in retrospect, those extra two nights in Brisbane would have been planned long in advance.)

dancing It's not my fault I'm alive and I am free Missy Higgins "I was a dark child" Telling stories You sighed and I was lost in you I was lost and I was found and doesn't that sound familiar

Thank you.

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