Musical dreams

I had a dream last night that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were doing a gig at The Zoo and tickets were $36. Which is a pretty decent price for an international act at The Zoo. Somehow I don’t think that gig would be happening any time soon. I can still dream though.

We received a Christmas package from Karl yesterday and I got a CD that has quite possibly jumped straight into my top handful of all time albums. That is a pretty impressive jump for a new CD, normally they hover round the “this is cool” level for a while before I listened to it a few more times and it either floats up the list or sinks down the list.

Thirty seconds into the opening track Mojo Love and I was drumming my hands on the desk and grooving in my chair. The CD is the debut album from an Icelandic girl who goes under the stage name Lay Low called Please Don’t Hate Me. You can listen to four tracks off the CD on the Lay Low webpage or you can hot tail it onto a plane to Iceland, pop into a record store and pick yourself up a copy or find your self a loving family member who resides in Iceland. This is the video clip for the title track off the album.

If this CD is anything like the Benni Hemm Hemm CD that I received from Karl last Christmas, Time Off should review it in November. I was reading Time Off (a local street press) at work one day and flicking through the CD section I saw Benni Hemm Hemm mentioned and I just about fell off my chair at seeing an Icelandic group that is not Sigur Ros, Bjork or Emilíana Torrini reviewed. I will be keeping an ear out to see what Lay Low does next because I like what I hear.

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