Back from the River

Well we are back from the Noosa River and oh what a time we had! Mostly gorgeous weather, good times and no accidents. Everything is now unpacked and washed, photos are sorted, uploaded and tagged to Flickr (well I am missing a few botanical names yet). I will do a series of posts in the coming days providing a write up of our time on the river. However, I will share a photo or two now which sum up the trip.

The upper Noosa River and Teewah Creek both are excellent mirrors. Early in the morning when the water is still or in sheltered parts, it is hard to tell if you are looking at the reflection in the water or the real thing.


This photo is mainly for two girls in my life who would probably be horrified if they saw our sleeping arrangements for the trip πŸ™‚

Our Fly

And to round it out, a photo of Mum and I on the last day at lunch before we battled the waves and made our way across the lake back to Elanda Point.

Mum and I at Kinaba

I am a little sore across my back but other than that I would jump back on the river in a heartbeat as it is the most beautiful place.

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  1. That looks so peaceful and inviting Helen! Sounds like you had a marvellous time. It is wonderful that you get to do so much fun stuff and spend some time with your Mum doing your favourite things together.

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