Hello Mr Drive-In

Several months ago as I was driving Sam home from her 21st present, she told me what I would need to do for her present to me. Which was basically just keep a night free, well with uni over for the year, I thought last night was a perfect night to take her up on the offer. I was then told that we had to be there are 6:30pm and it would take about 1hr to get there, so I sat and thought “I wonder what she has planned?”. On Monday when we were chatting Sam told me that I could wear whatever I wanted as there was no dress code. This got me thinking more and then the rest of the family popped in with suggestions as to what we could be doing. They ranged from going to the beach for Fish and Chips, actually only going 5mins down the road because Sam told me 1hr to confuse me, not actually going anywhere but just cruising the streets in Sam’s little Festiva or going to the Yatala Twin Drive-In.

My last guess was what we ended up doing. Many many months ago Sam and I were chatting and it came up that I have never gone to a Drive-In and she filed that little piece of information away for a later date :). Before we made the drive down we stocked up on a variety of different sugar sources to ensure that we would have a night of sugar induced hysterics, which we did of course end up having.

We were unsure of what the traffic would be like on the way down so we left a bit early and ended up having a long snack stop at Yatala Pies waiting for 6:30 to come around which is when the gates opened. We were both unsure how many people would be there since it was a Tuesday night and were quite surprised at how quickly the place filled up. The first movie we watched was Borat which was a total crack up and then A Good Year which was a decent yarn. Then it was home time and we cruised back up the M1 home with plans of future road trips we should do. Thanks Sam for a fantastic 21st present πŸ™‚

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  1. sounds like you both had a great night

    can’t wait to hear all about your birthday party – it will be just fabulous !

  2. I can’t believe that you have never done the drive-in LOL (Neither have my kids…that’s how old I am!!)

    Takes me way back to my youth (ha!) when there were 2 ways to go to the drive in.

    1. With girlfriends, all piled into the car, dressed daggy, lots of snacks and drinks and you laughed and cried, and sang and flirted with cars of guys!!!

    2. With a guy, all dressed up, didn’t see much of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those were the days. They have closed all the drive-ins around here. Now you have made me want to hunt one down and take the boys.

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