Tuesday night Andrea, her Matthew and I had a fantastic night at the U2 concert, watching them kick off the Asia-Pacific leg of the Vertigo tour at long last (they were meant to play in March but had to cancel due to illness). The concert was well worth the wait and the rains managed to stay away for the night which was nice. I was very close to selling my ticket because I had two exams the following day, one at 8:30am but about 5 seconds into the intro of City of Blinding Lights I was glad I had decided to go and proceeded to have a smile on my face for the rest of the night. Well apart from that part where there was a lady on the big screen who read the UDHR and I started weeping.

The concert itself was truly great, everything else though sort of sucked. The delays in the shuttle buses that were running to and from the venue, the lack of signage at the venue telling people where to go, the fact that security stopped checking bags pretty quickly as there was no way they could check everyone, the lack of enough food and merchandise stalls to process people quick enough. Lots of things really sucked and I am sure looking back on the concert the organisers are wishing they had been able to get the permits to hold it at Lang Park instead of at QE2, which has the logistics in place from all the Rugby games to deal with 45 000+ people.

We didn’t get to see Kanye West who was the support act but then I don’t think many people did and I am pretty certain most people didn’t really care about missing him because yeah enough said.

Set list
1) City of Blinding Lights
2) Vertigo
3) Elevation/The Go-Betweens – Streets of Your Town (a little tribute to Grant McLennan)
4) Until the End of the World
5) New Year’s Day
6) Beautiful Day
7) Yahweh
8) Walk On
9) Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own/The Black Hills of Dakota
10) Love and Peace or Else
11) Sunday Bloody Sunday
Father Abraham/Political Interlude
12) Bullet the Blue Sky/ When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Hands that Built America
13) Passengers Γ’β‚¬β€œ Miss Sarajevo
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
14) Pride (In the Name of Love)
15) Where the Streets have No Name
Political Interlude
16) One

Encore #1
Political Interlude
17) Zoo Station
18) The Fly
19) With or Without You/The Go-Betweens – Streets of Your Town (a little tribute to Grant McLennan)

Encore #2
20) The Saints are Coming (World Premiere of the song!)
21) Angel of Harlem/Young Americans (as Young Australians)
22) Kite

I said to Andrea and Matthew that this has to be the biggest concert Brisbane has had in a long time and it seems that I was correct, it was in fact the biggest since two concerts in 1998, one by Elton John & Billy Joel and of course the other by U2.

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  1. hey i was wondering if you still went…one of the teachers from school went and said it was awesome! Although we had to ensure her singing U2 songs and wearing a tour shirt the entire day…so unfair πŸ™‚ And as if uni could ever win over U2. I can’t believe you even considered it!!

  2. wait…the reason i was visiting your site (aside from procrastininating because my assignment is due in 3 hrs!) was to say i got your invite and will def be there. Will give cory his when i see him (you know we are working together now at Coffee Club at Riverside) But you still have to keep on night free so i can take your for your surprise πŸ˜‰

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