musical weekend

I have had a rather musical weekend. On Friday night Mum and I went to the Powerhouse to take in a show as part of the Brisbane Cabaret Festival and on Saturday night I went to see Bernard Fanning at the Convention Centre.

Barbara Fordham is a voice that I guess that most people outside of Brisbane will never experience which is a real pity as this lady can sing. I would personally put her up there with Eva Cassidy on vocal talent and they both do really good versions of Fever.

For one of our pieces of assessment for year 12 English we went to see a rock musical called Still Standing and the singer in the band just blew me away with her voice. That was June or July, by Christmas I had seen her perform a further three times in a genre that she could own, the jazz standards as well as some other little pieces thrown in for fun. Then I guess I sort of lost track of when she was playing gigs. The other week I saw an ad for the Brisbane Cabaret Festival and spotted her name on the poster.

Off Mum and I trotted to the Powerhouse for a delightful night of music, conversation and fun. Barbara was the second act of the night, the first act was Jacob Diefenbach, a young lad who could certainly play the piano and had a couple of good songs. Then there was Barbara and her band playing a delightful set with plenty of laughs, commentary and ripping vocals. If you are ever in Brisbane and see the name Barbara Fordham on a poster or in a gig guide you should make every effort to go along.

Saturday night, I went along to the Bernard Fanning show, with support from Sime Nugent and Augie March. Ahhh what a night! Sime Nugent was pretty cool, just a man and his guitar singing about life. Augie March are a band that I have heard of for years and probably heard a few songs on the radio but never really “listened” to them before. They were pretty rocking too so will have to have a good check out of some of their songs. Then it was Mr Bernard Fanning, the poster boy of the Brisvegas music scene. He took over the world with the boys from Powderfinger and again with his solo album Tea and Symphony. He rocked. It was a really good night and he was well worth seeing live as he sounded even better live than on the CD.

Next up is U2 next Tuesday night πŸ™‚

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