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Well the way too short mid-semester break is over and to show for it I have written two essays, caught up on my readings and prepared for an exam this week. As well as a little bit of playing.

Yesterday I made these two headbands and cut out all the pieces for my 21st birthday quilt – Mum paid for the fabric and I am making it. It uses fabric from the Flowershow and Palazzo collections from Benartex.

Between cutting out all the blocks I also made two headbands πŸ™‚


The one on the left uses a pattern from Heather BaileyHooray for Headbands and the one on the right uses a pattern from Katie SueReversible Fabric Headband

Now that I have played with two different patterns I plan on merging them a bit for the next one as I like the ties on the Heather Bailey pattern but prefer the tapered cut from Katie Sue as I prefer how it sits on my head.

Now whilst I was having fun at home, Mum went out to a little class and made this most adorable little pouch.
Mum's pouch 20061002_0996Mum's pouch 2

The little stone affair in the middle is one of those glass pebbles that people put in vases covered with a scrap of chiffon. How cool does it look!

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  1. love the headbands! i am definitely going to try making some this weekend! i used to just roll up scarves all the time, but that gets annoying after awhile to. thanks for sharing!

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