First Exam

I had my first exam for the semester today and I already know I won’t be getting higher than 19.5/20 🙁

The exam was for a subject on Japan and the International Economy and in the multiple choice section I mixed the Nenko system (pay and promotion based on seniority) up with ShuntÅ? (annual pay negotiations). Grrr I thought I should have a quick check before the exam but I decided I knew the rest so I would be fine.

Now I just need to get kicking on an essay I have due next week on that oh so lovely and oh so contentious terrorism, or as I write it in my notes Tism or even just plain old capital T which represents the various forms of the word depending on the context.

That is my life. Japan’s Economy, Comparative Politics of South East Asia (SEA), Politics of International Law and Terrorism. Oh isn’t it all so lovely.

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